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Photo Title Description
Tektronix 1240 Logic Analyzer For Sale: Tektronix 1240 Logic Analyzer, Manual, spare data acquisition card, 2 data...
$ 500. USD
Apr 27
  LaCrosse Touch Screen Wireless Weather station FREE FOR POSTAGE TO YOUR LOCATION FROM ILLINOIS. 2 sets of manuals for LaCrosse Touch...
$ 0 USD
Dec 12
TS-403-3P Step Up Down Transformer For Sale: This Trisonic transformer can be used with 2 or 3 prong plugs -shown with 2 prong...
$ 50.00 USD
Dec 7
Radio Shack Room to Room A/V Sender For Sale: These date to about 2000 & have been out of service for about 2 years but still...
$ 50.00 USD
Dec 7
  Huntron Tracker Manual Operators & maintenance manual copies for Huntron Tracker Models HTR 1005B-1S,...
$ 00 USD
Mar 19
  History of Heathkit book Looking for an out of print book - not sure of the complete title -"History of Heathkit". I...
$ advise USD
Apr 16
B & K DynaScan CRT Tester/Rejuvenator For Sale: If you have old TV’s with the CRT going dark, you can often ‘Rejuvenate’ them back to...
$ 75. USD
Mar 26
ALERT DELUXE METAL DETECTOR For Sale: The ‘Alert’ Deluxe Metal Detector with discriminator is brand new & hardly ever...
$ 50. USD
Jan 10
Multi-Amp Power Safe Model 2500 Tool Tester (c.1969) For Sale: This is a unique instrument designed to test hand power tools for shorts, leakage,...
$ 100.00 USD
Jan 10
ZM – 4 B/U Wheatstone Resistance Bridge, (C.1957) For Sale: This is a ‘Mil-Spec’ instrument & everything in it is top quality. The 5 Potentiometers...
$ 75.00 USD
Jan 10
MC-JL294-3 Transistor Tester For Sale: This is a nice compact (6.5” x 4.5” x 3”) tester that can run off 4 ‘C’ batteries...
$ 75.00 USD
Jan 10
B & K Model 1070 Dyna Sweep Circuit Analyzer For Sale: This is a tube (3) instrument (c.1959) designed to check the high voltage sections...
$ 50.00 USD
Jan 10
Zenith System Analyzer 852-257 Free for $10 shipping: This instrument was designed to work with 3 different Zenith TV Chassis:...
$ 0 USD
Jan 10
Weston 665/2 Selective Analyzer (VOM) This was made in 1936 & is actually one half of a dual instrument set. The other half...
$ 150.00 USD
Jul 30
  Heathkit PCB's & Parts These boards are for the GR-400 Color TV and contain all parts including plug-in transistors. Not...
$ 0 USD
Jul 16
Realistic Record Changer w/Amp This was built for Radio Shack by BSR in Great Britain & is a nice self contained unit that...
$ 100.00 USD
Jul 16
Rustrak Model 288 Chart Recorder This is a small (6x4x5”) chart recorder that runs off AC but has a DC input that must be adjusted...
$ 75.00 USD
Jul 16
Heathkit M-1 Handitester For Sale: HEATHKIT M-1 HANDITESTER (VOM) This item dates to the early 50's and is one...
$ 75.00 USD
Jul 16

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