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Photo Title Description
General Electric Model: X-216A Receiver Radio For sale: General Electric Co. (GE) Bridgeport, CT, Syracuse, NY. Table Model: X-216A Receiver...
$ 40 USD
Jul 21
  Vintage Radio Repair Shop Auction Vintage Radios, Furniture, Tools, Tubes, Live Webcast Auction Saturday, July 29th@...
$ 1 USD
Jul 20
  7 Function Digital Multimeter, brand NEW in pack! 7 Function Digital Multimeter, brand NEW in pack! Complete with test leads this is great for...
$ 10 USD
Jun 24
  Need RCA power transformer Looking for a power transformer for an RCA radio chassis RC-616. RCA part #73601. Or a...
$ $ USD
Jun 15
SIMPSON 260 VOM This is like new a Simpson model 260 series 5 VOM. has the batteries installed and works great....
$ 95 USD
Jun 7
STEREO MICROPHONE Like new stereo microphone has a electret condenser element and a 1 1/2 volt battery installed....
$ 29 USD
Jun 5
1972 Hitachi MV-1U Hi, I have an original Hitachi MV-1U for sale in museum quality condition. Before I acquired...
$ 5000 USD
Jun 4
VINTAGE GREEN GIANT NIBLETS CORN 1960s novelty transistor radio VINTAGE GREEN GIANT NIBLETS CORN 1960s novelty transistor radio, good shape. ONLY $19 ...
$ 19 USD
May 15
Tektronix 1240 Logic Analyzer For Sale: Tektronix 1240 Logic Analyzer, Manual, spare data acquisition card, 2 data...
$ 500. USD
Apr 27
Vintage 1950s ADMIRAL model Y3037 BEAUTIFUL condition Vintage 1950s ADMIRAL model Y3037 BEAUTIFUL condition tube type AM clock radio, tan and...
$ 25 USD
Apr 4
Military Tube Tester This is a good working WESTON model 798 military mutual conductance tube checker. The metal...
$ 275 USD
Mar 31
TEKTRONIX SCOPE This is a good working Tektronix model 453 scope has 50 Mhz bandwidth and comes with a 10 to 1...
$ 165 USD
Mar 23
1964 HOWARD SAMS RADIO TUBE SUB BOOK 1964 HOWARD SAMS RADIO TUBE SUB BOOK This small pocket sized softcover book that measures...
$ 10 USD
Mar 15
ATWATER KENT BREADBOARD This is a Atwater Kent model 10c and all tubes test good. Buyer can pick up or pay for shipping.
$ 995 USD
Mar 10
Heathkit AD-1013 Audio Oscilloscope For Sale: This is a kit I built myself in 1975. It still works well & comes in a nice woodgrain...
$ 125.00 USD
Feb 19
  LaCrosse Touch Screen Wireless Weather station FREE FOR POSTAGE TO YOUR LOCATION FROM ILLINOIS. 2 sets of manuals for LaCrosse Touch...
$ 0 USD
Dec 12
TS-403-3P Step Up Down Transformer For Sale: This Trisonic transformer can be used with 2 or 3 prong plugs -shown with 2 prong...
$ 50.00 USD
Dec 7
Radio Shack Room to Room A/V Sender For Sale: These date to about 2000 & have been out of service for about 2 years but still...
$ 50.00 USD
Dec 7
EMERSON CATALIN RADIO This is a EMERSON MODEL AX235 catalin looks and plays great. Buyer can pick up or pay...
$ 1500 USD
May 26
WTB: Grebe CR-4 WANT TO BUY: Grebe CR-4 receiver. Manufactured in 1920 by A.H.Grebe, Richmond Hill ,...
$ $$$$ USD
May 7
RARE EVER-PLAY RADIO This is a rare EVER-PLAY 6 transistor chargeable radio. Works good needs a new 3.6 volt ...
$ 35.00 USD
Apr 11
  Huntron Tracker Manual Operators & maintenance manual copies for Huntron Tracker Models HTR 1005B-1S,...
$ 00 USD
Mar 19
W.E. Candle stick telephone This is a nice working Western Electric candle stick telephone. Made in 1975 . Buyer pays...
$ 85 USD
Mar 10
PHILCO CATHEDRAL RADIO This is a gorgeous Philco model 20 has 7 tubes and plays loud and clear on all stations. Made in...
$ 335 USD
Nov 17
DECO CROSLEY GREEN TUBE RADIO A nice deco Crosely model 10-137 tube radio plays great on all stations no cracks. Buyer pays...
$ 225 USD
Sep 16
PHILCO CATHEDRAL RADIO A nice Philco 70 cathedral radio. Looks and plays great. Its heavy so buyer can pick it up or...
$ 495 USD
Jun 23
SYLVINIA TEST ADAPTORS Have a box of Sylvinia TV test adaptors and instruction books. Buyer can pick up or pay...
$ 75 USD
May 28
  History of Heathkit book Looking for an out of print book - not sure of the complete title -"History of Heathkit". I...
$ advise USD
Apr 16
B & K DynaScan CRT Tester/Rejuvenator For Sale: If you have old TV’s with the CRT going dark, you can often ‘Rejuvenate’ them back to...
$ 75. USD
Mar 26
1920 PACENT RADIO SPEAKER This is a old original working Pacent radio speaker that is 18 inches in dia. Buyer can pick up or...
$ 100 USD
Jan 12

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